I explore the potential of tech to benefit humanity, with a focus on developing societies.
My work has been featured by NPR, the World Bank, and the World Economic Forum.

Assistant Professor of Economics, Brown University

Curriculum Vitae

with Darrell Grissen
World Bank Economic Review (2019)
Media coverage: NPR Morning Edition, The World Bank (syndicated to World Economic Forum), New Scientist, Radio New Zealand
Original proposal: Big Data for Development (posted 2010)
with Darrell Grissen
American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings (2018)
Working Papers
with Joshua Blumenstock and Samsun Knight
[ Video (30m) | Blog post on focus groups: How do you say algorithm in Kiswahili? ]
with B. Douglas Bernheim, Jeffrey Naecker, and Antonio Rangel
Rejected with an invitation to resubmit, American Economic Review
(Machine) Learning what Governments Value
with Samsun Knight and Joshua Blumenstock
Conference Articles (Peer Reviewed)
with Esther Rolf, Max Simchowitz, Sarah Dean, Lydia Liu, Moritz Hardt, and Joshua Blumenstock
International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) (2020).
[ Workshop paper presented at NeurIPS Joint Workshop on AI for Social Good (2019). Best Paper Award ]
International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD) (2020). Notes track.
In Progress
Welfare-Sensitive Machine Learning
with Joshua Blumenstock
Planning (De)Centralized Transportation Networks
with Nick Tsivanidis
White Papers